QE2 entering the River Tyne
Millenniumm Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne.
North Shields Fish Quay
Queen of Scandinavia Ferry
River Tyne at Night
North Shields Ferry Landing.
River Tyne at Night
Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Millenniumm Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne
Swing Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Metro Rail Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Collingwood Monument
Tynemouth Pier
Riverside footpath near Elswick.
Shields Ferry
Marsden Bay
Tynemouth Pier
Spillers Mill, Ouseburn
North Shields Lower Light.
River Tyne at Night

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Photos of the River Tyne and Tyneside from Newburn to the Coast.

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Locations (All links on the site are green)

Newcastle - Bridges
- Tyne Bridge *New Night Photos

- Swing Bridge
- Millennium Bridge *New Night Photos

- High Level Bridge *New Night Photos

- Metro Rail Bridge
- King Edward VII Rail Bridge
- Redheugh Bridge
- Tyne Bridge Views

Newcastle - Old Photos Page 1
Newcastle - Old Photos Page 2

Newcastle - Castle
Newcastle - Cathedral (St. Nicholas)
Newcastle - Civic Centre
Newcastle - Quayside *New Night Photos
Newcastle - Ouseburn

Newcastle - Street Views
- Barras Bridge
- Bath Lane
- Colliingwood Street
- Dispensary Lane
- Eldon Square
- Greys Monument
- Mosley Street
- Pilgrim Street
- Side
- St. Mary's Place
- Stowell Street
- Westgate Road

Newcastle - Miscellaneous Views
- Central Motorway
- Manors railway Station
- Riverside Footpath - Redheugh Bridge
- Riverside Footpath - Elswick

Newcastle - Tall Ships 2005

Newcastle - Evening and Night Photos
- Millennium Bridge - Evening Photos
- Millennium Bridge - Night Photos
- Quayside and Tyne Bridge Night Photos

Felling - Riverside Views

Gateshead - Baltic Quay

- Tyne Riverside Country Park

North Shields
- Fish Quay
- Royal Quays Marina
- Upper and Lower Lights

- Ferry from Holland
- Cargo Ship from Norway
- Small Boats on the River
- Twilight on the River Tyne

- Moonrise at the Fish Quay
- Shields Ferry

Ryton - River Tyne Views

South Shields
- South Shields Section index
- South Shields Pier *New Photos

- Herd Groyne
- Shields Ferry Landing
- Lizard Point
- Souter Lighthouse
- Arbeia Roman Fort
- Town centre

- Market
- South Shields Old Photos

- Tynemouth Section Index
- Pier Views - 1
- Pier views - 2
- Pier Views - 3
- Pier Views - 4
- Pier Views - 5
- Seafront
- High Street
- Priory - 1
- Priory - 2
- Priory - 3
- Priory - 4
- River Tyne
- King Edwards Bay
- Collingwood Monument
- Piers at dawn
- Stormy Weather - 1
- Stormy Weather - 2
- Stormy Weather - 3
- Sunrise
- Early Headland views
- Evening Headland views

- Tynemouth Old Photos

Whitley Bay and Cullercoats
- Photos of the beach at Cullercoats
- Photos of the beach + seafront at Whitley Bay

- Shipyard Cranes

* Shipping
Shipping Homepage - Links to all our pages with ship photos.

* QE2 Visits to the River Tyne
QE2 entering the River Tyne in October 2008
- 10 Pages of Photos showing the QE2 entering the River Tyne in September 2007


* Books and Music
- Books, DVD's and CD's about Tyneside and Newcastle

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Ouseburn Millennium Bridge at Night Ouseburn
Arbeia Roman Fort Ferry passing North Shields Fish Quay North Shields Lower Light.